JIID has moved

Please visit the website of Indraprastha College for Women for all future editions of JIID Journal.

Mayy 19, 2014

Hello! The website of Journal of Innovation for Inclusive Development (JIID) has moved and you can browse all future editions of this Journal on the website of Indraprastha College for Women (IPCW).

Brief History of the Journal: JIID was first proposed by Dr. Govind Singh as an Open Access, Peer-reviewed, Online Journal to be published by and from the Centre for Earth Studies, IPCW. The motivation and intent behind the Journal was to promote the idea and skill of academic publishing in undergradute students and in all other members of the academic community; and to provide a platform for researchers carrying out innovative research for inclusive development.

After receiving due permission from IPCW on 28 May 2016, the first Call for Papers/Articles was made in that month. The first edition was published on 22 August 2016. Subsequent editions were published accordingly and JIID continued to achieve its objective since many of the papers received and published after peer-review became the first published work of respective authors. JIID also received due appreciation from the academic community from time to time.

Call to the Academic Community in India: Dr. Govind Singh continues to work for promoting the spirit and skill of academic publishing in the research community. The academic community in India is rapidly becoming stronger but needs to be backed up with suitable avenues of India-based academic Journals and publishing platforms. In this regard, any academician who would like to receive any kind of help, mentorship or guidance for initiating an academic journal from scratch can simply write to Dr. Govind Singh (Email: contact(at)govindsingh(dot)com) who will be happy to share from his knowledge and experience and work towards building capacity.