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Peer-review Policy

Publication Policy:

Journal of Innovation for Inclusive Development (JIID) is a peer-reviewed Journal to ensure that the research published in JIID is of appreciable standard. The following Manuscript types received by JIID are peer-reviewed: Research Articles, General Articles, Review Articles and Research Communications. In addition, the Book Review Manuscript type is edited and approved by at least one member of the Journal Editorial Board. All other Manuscript types maybe peer-reviewed at the discretion of the Editor, especially if they include technical information which may warrant such a review. Research contributions which focus on furthering our understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals are given preference and priority for being considered for publishing in JIID.

The Review Process

The Journal of Innovation for Inclusive Development (JIID) follows a single-blind peer review process. For reviewing each of the research contributions’ types mentioned above, the identity of the reviewer is kept anonymous, and the authors’ names and affiliations are made available on the paper during the peer review process.

Each research contribution received by JIID is first read by at least one member of the Journal Editorial Board. Research contributions that meet the Journal’s editorial criteria are sent for further peer review. Research contributions which are found not satisfactory to be published in JIID are rejected at this stage itself (usually after a consultation with a subject-expert in the specific area).

Manuscripts which are sent for peer review are sent to at least two reviewers from the respective field. Reviewers are encouraged to reply with either of the following decisions:

  • Accept the Manuscript with or without editorial revisions
  • Instructions for the authors to revise the Manuscript for addressing specific concerns and re-submit
  • Reject the Manuscript on ground that it requires major revision and the revised Manuscript may be submitted as a fresh Manuscript
  • Reject outright, if the Manuscript does not include original work, lacks novelty or draws insufficient, confounding or inappropriate conclusions

The decision of the Peer-review, which is further vetted by the Editor, is considered final and binding. Individuals who are interested to learn further about the peer-review process followed by the Journal of Innovation for Inclusive Development may contact us using the Contact page on this website.


Aims & Objectives

JIID has been set up as a platform for researchers from all disciplines conducting innovative research for ensuring inclusive development.

J. innov. incl. dev.



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Call for Papers

JIID encourages researchers working to further our understanding towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals to submit their research contributions/ articles. Please browse the JIID website to learn more about the Journal and read the guidelines for authors before you submit your paper. You may also benefit from the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Section.